Case Study 1:

Sustainometric’s challenge

Sustainometric is a prominent research partner company that was struggling with a lengthy hiring process that was impeding their productivity. Their main challenge was to streamline the hiring process while simultaneously increasing the work pace by 60%.

To address this challenge, Sustainometric partnered with TalentVistas. We offered them innovative solutions for streamlining their recruitment process, providing a comprehensive suite of tools and technologies that enabled Sustainometric to significantly reduce their hiring time and enhance their hiring practices

Our Solution

TalentVistas provided them with an applicant tracking system (ATS) to automate resume screening, candidate communication, and interview scheduling. The job descriptions were refined, employee engagement was increased, the interview process was streamlined, and social media was utilized to attract potential candidates. Our services enabled Sustainometric to meet hiring targets, attract top talent, and enhance their hiring practices. Organizations can improve recruitment processes by adopting a data-driven approach and leveraging technology through talent recruitment websites.

Case Study 2:

Code Brew’s Problem

Code Brew Labs, a mobile app development company, was facing the challenge of retaining employees due to the impact of Covid and a slowdown in the market. The high attrition rate made it difficult for the company to find and retain skilled talent. In order to address this issue, Code Brew Labs turned to Talentvistas for assistance.

Our Solution

Talentvistas leveraged its AI-powered tools to efficiently identify and evaluate candidates who were a good fit and passionate about joining Code Brew Labs. The result was a shortlist of 20 highly suitable profiles, from which three top candidates were selected and successfully onboarded after the interview process. These candidates were hired for key positions as Senior Graphic Designer, Brand Manager, and Digital Marketing Executive. The entire hiring process was completed within a remarkable turnaround time of just ten days, which was 50% lower than the average hiring time at Code Brew Labs.

Case Study 3:

Super DNA 3D labs issue

Super DNA 3D labs is a company that specializes in developing 3D models of products. Unfortunately, the organization was facing a significant challenge in the form of a high dropout rate among candidates during the hiring process. Despite their best efforts, the management was unable to determine the reasons behind this problem and the satisfaction score of the candidates was low. This is when the services offered by TalentVistas came in handy.

Our Solution

To address the issue of a high candidate dropout rate and low satisfaction score, Talentvistas recommended the use of Situational Judgment Tests (SJT) in SuperDNA 3D labs’ hiring process.
The SJT helped to assess the candidates’ problem-solving abilities and their responses to real-world situations. As a result, the dropout rate decreased significantly from 63% to just 14%, while the overall efficiency score increased to 54%. The successful implementation of SJTs improved the quality of new hires, leading to a more effective and streamlined hiring process for SuperDNA 3D labs.
The hiring strategy and pace amplified by 55%, filling in vacancies with better effect.

Case Study 4:

Earth Academy’s issue

Earth Academy is an organization that offers Sustainability Reporting training in various domains such as SASB, FSA, GHG, Climate Action, GRI, SDGs, TCFD, Integrated Reporting, and Circular Economy. However, the organization faced a significant challenge in the hiring process due to a lack of available talent in their region. Furthermore, they struggled to hire candidates from abroad easily, making the hiring process even more cumbersome.

Our Solution

Talentvistas provided Earth Academy with effective solutions to overcome their hiring challenges. To help the client find the best talent from other countries, Talentvistas screened and shortlisted candidates with niche skills. Additionally, Talentvistas acted as a bridge to make the hiring process seamless by providing Knowledge Migrant Visas, allowing candidates to work for the client’s office in the Netherlands. Within just two weeks, Talentvistas facilitated the hiring process and enabled the client to hire the most suitable candidates. As a result, the conversion rates increased 10x, and the client was able to build a strong and skilled team to support their operations.

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