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Want to hire full-time or part-time? On a freelancer more or remote or a hybrid one? We bring you the freedom to pick the best talent to back your enterprise growth.

Hire Top Talent 6X Faster, Spending 70%

Gone are the days when you could either hire people quickly or find exactly the right fit. Now you don’t need to choose between speed, cost and quality- just choose us.

Recruit Smarter. Hire Better.

Unlock Talent Solutions That Suit Your Enterprise Requirements Optimally.

What makes
us different?

Holistic approach keeping the candidate and the client’s needs in mind

Seamless experience with visa facilitation in cross border hiring

Finding the optimal candidate using predictive analytics & data driven insights

Faster hiring using automated processes with AI and machine learning

We believe in giving you the best of talent with our automated hiring processes
and data driven insights. We look at candidates beyond their Resumes.

Why us ?

Recruitment shouldn’t be a one size fits all approach. At Talentvistas, we are redefining recruitment by finding you the optimal fit for your organisation. From entry level positions to leadership hiring, we match the right candidate with the job requirement in 10x lesser time.

Talentvinistas’ personalised approach and cutting edge technology, aims to make your talent search seamless, while also being easy on the pocket.

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4 Simple Reasons
To Choose Talent Vistas

Integrating our expertise with the most advanced technology, we bring the best workforce that adds value to your organisation.

Accelerated Hiring With Automation

From AI to machine learning and predictive analytics, we invest in top market-leading recruitment technologies to give you an unmatchable hiring experience.

Data-driven Insights For Smart Hiring

Having processed over 10 million candidates, we have a wealth of data enables enabling us to predict the best fit for business growth.

Top Vetted Team To Choose The Best

To make sure you meet the perfect workforce, we have onboarded people who understand & evaluate candidates beyond resumes, in an unbiased way.

Holistic Approach To Test Potential

Now hire talent the right fit, quickly, with our suite of solutions. From conducting assessments, video interviews, to reference checking, we do it all.

Navigating the Recruitment Landscape: Challenges and Solutions

Regardless Of the Challenges Faced, Our Optimal Hiring Practices Continue Leaving A Lasting Impression We fine-tune the entire end-to-end recruitment process by offering simplified tailored solutions as per your business needs.

Hiring at Scale & Pace

We ensure the process is swift and scalable with our seamless hiring approach. Our team of experienced recruiters makes sure to fulfill the rapidly growing market demands and makes the hiring process goes smoothly by filling the vacancies aptly.

Assess the Right Talent

Our specialized recruiters are highly competent to assess the candidate’s capability within a hat’s drop. We pick and assess profiles that are the right fit for your organization. We carefully search and further progress the candidate profile for the vacancy who has the competency to thrive in the position.

Employee Turnover Rate

Attrition is the foremost tactic that we aim to balance out. Our core focus remains to only shortlist the talent that perfectly fits your organizational work culture. It minimizes the attrition rate of the company and increases employee retention.

Screening & Onboarding

Recruiters at Talent Vistas have a fair understanding of our client requirements and deliver the results based on the relevant screening process. Strategy building for talent attraction, selection, and onboarding – our hiring experts have got it all covered with pre & post-screening checks before the final onboarding of the candidate.

Supply Chain Management

A robust supply chain in the recruitment-hiring process ensures that the organization is able to attract, select, and hire the best talent available in the market. 

Organizations can optimize the recruitment supply chain to ensure they are hiring the right people at the right time to achieve their business goals and objectives.

Supports EDI&B Strategy

As far as we remain committed to brand values, our prolonged support of equality, diversity, inclusion, and belonging is equally important. We help companies cultivate the best culture for the workforce with the best EDI&B practices.

Creating an EVP strategy

We believe in building an employee value proposition (EVP) strategy to attract the right candidates to join your organization by showing them the top-most brand values.

As soon as we have identified suitable candidates, we carry out structured and extensive EVP techniques to meet your company’s criteria with that of the candidate.

Deliver social value

It is more than just building a stronger culture. We, at Talent Vistas, believe in defining brand objectives with a commitment to the Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) community to encourage social values.

Sustainable pricing model

We are best known for our transparency in the cost breakdown that enables you to plan and clearly map out your budget. Our objective is to give you the best collaborative experience in this rapidly growing environment.

Why Do Talent Vistas Is Best-Positioned In The Market?

Talent Vistas is the one-stop solution for organizations to recruit the best candidates irrespective of geographical boundaries, with no gender or ethnicity barriers.

Our human resource experts commit to ensuring a seamless hiring experience for your brand. We bring on board top-vetted qualified talent through our successful rounds of recruitment, onboarding, and training & development services.

Result-Oriented Approach

To offer you an unparalleled experience, we use key metrics to analyze suitable profiles to select and onboard so they flourish in the roles they’re being hired for.

We evaluate the effectiveness of the hiring process and identify areas for improvement by measuring key performance indicators (KPIs) such as time-to-hire, cost-per-hire, employee retention rates, etcetera.

This approach helps ensure that the right candidates are selected and onboarded with the necessary support and resources to excel in their roles and contribute to the organization’s success.

Lower Cost, Higher Results

With advanced AI tools & relatively higher applied technologies, the hiring process is highly optimized by simplifying the recruitment process by eliminating unnecessary steps and automating tasks such as scheduling interviews and sending follow-up emails.

It can reduce the time and resources required to hire new employees such as time-to-hire and cost-per-hire can help organizations identify areas of inefficiency and optimize their recruitment strategy for better results at a lower cost.

Screen, Select & Onboarding

Leveraging the advanced tech suite, we set up a streamlined & transparent process. Supported by industry experts, we efficiently support the entire talent management lifecycle under one roof. It empowers us to bring the right talent to you in the fastest turnaround time.

Maximize Post-Recruitment Potential: Optimize Best Practices forEmployees

We Just Don’t Build Careers, We Also Support Employee Performance Management Tactics!

Supports Comprehensive Payroll Services 

In addition to providing top talent for our clients, we also act as a facilitator and support payroll management irrespective of the location of the candidate. By handling payrolls and related administrative tasks, such as tax withholding and reporting, we help businesses save time and resources that would otherwise be spent on managing payroll in-house. 

We adhere to compliance with the latest labor laws and regulations to ensure delivering effective payroll management for our clientele.

Retaining Top Talent With Retention Strategies

We work rigorously on retaining top talent with a robust workforce retention process. By investing time and resources in employees’ growth, we value their contributions and are committed to making it a win-win situation for your brand and the employee.

As talent-hiring liaisons, we build and implement effective retention strategies to ensure your company’s success by retaining the best talent.  

Upskilling Programs: Training & Development 

We develop rigorous training & development programs that offer employees opportunities for growth and advancement. We have the best in-house T&D specialists who also provide upskilling & training to the new hires once the candidate is selected and onboarded. 

No Problem Is A Big Problem With Us

We’re Best Known For Connecting The Right People To The Right Businesses

Unlimited Workforce Solutions For Unstoppable Growth

We empower you make efficient, high-quality talent decisions to take your business to new heights.

Leverage Quality Talent Decisions With Our Suite Of Workforce Solutions Now

Permanent Workforce

  • Recruitment process outsourcing
  • Project recruitment process outsourcing
  • Recruiter on demand

Contingent Workforce

  • Managed service programmes
  • Volume recruitment
  • Contractor management office
  • Statement of work (SoW)
  • Flexible resource marketplace
  • Services procurement
  • Business process outsourcing

Talent Advisory

  • Employee value proposition (EVP)
  • Equality, diversity, inclusion & belonging
  • Salary and reward benchmarking
  • Employee engagement
  • Candidate assessment services

Recriut, Train, Deploy

  • Recruit
  • Train
  • Deploy

The single source for all your hiring needs

Harver supports you in all aspects of talent decision-making, whether you’re hiring entry-level people or experienced professionals, building a more diverse workforce, or developing and reskilling talent throughout the organization.

Professional hiring

Professional hiring

Diversityand inclusion

Talent development

Employee Working Models & Classifications:

There is a myriad of employee working methodologies that we cater solutions to as per your business requirements. These different employee working models and classifications can help employers make informed decisions about staffing and ensure compliance with local laws and regulations.

Full-time Employees

Looking for stable and fulfilling staffing solutions on a full-time basis?

We can do the hiring of full-time employees who share a similar vision as yours. As full-time employees, they will be given competitive compensation as per industry standards according to their work experience, and opportunities for career growth & advancement.

Contractual Employees

We do hiring for contractual employees who can be hired for a specific project or a fixed period of time, usually outlined in a written contract between the employee and the employer. These contracts may be for a few weeks, months, or even years and can be further renewed at the discretion of both parties.

Hourly Basis

Companies can opt for talent on an ‘hourly basis’ employees who are paid for the amount of time they work, typically at an hourly rate. These employees may work full-time or part-time, and their pay is calculated based on the number of hours they work each week.

Irrespective of the candidate’s location, they will be entitled to certain benefits such as overtime pay for hours worked beyond the standard workweek, paid time off, and certain types of insurance coverage. Companies can offer additional benefits to hourly basis employees, such as health and wellness programs or retirement benefits.

Freelance/ Remote Contractors

There is also an additional solution when it comes to fulfilling work requirements. We also carry out recruitment to find the right fit for your company as a freelancer/ remote contractor. However, some employers do offer them certain benefits, such as flexible working hours and leverage in delivering work. This particular working methodology helps to fill specific roles or manages staffing levels to a great extent.

Full-time Employees

We recruit seasonal employees as well who will only be hired for a specific period of time, typically during peak business seasons or for specific events. They are hired on a temporary basis and may not receive the same benefits as full-time employees.

However, they may be eligible for certain benefits such as overtime pay, bonuses, or other incentives. Employers frequently use seasonal employees to manage fluctuating workloads and to maintain staffing levels during peak periods.

Part-time Employees

Brands can also go for recruiting candidates as per the bandwidth. Part-time employees are individuals who work fewer hours than full-time employees. In general, they work fewer than 40 hours per week.

Part-time employees may be hired for a variety of reasons, including to fill specific roles or to provide additional support during peak periods. It is used as a cost-saving measure, as they are often not eligible for the same benefits as full-time employees.

However, some employers offer part-time employees certain benefits, such as pro-rated vacation time, sick leave, and retirement benefits. This classification of employees can provide a flexible and cost-effective solution for employers looking to fill specific roles or manage staffing levels.

Offshore Employees

Our recruitment process is vast and quite feasible to attract the right talent from different countries. We can good to find and select the right candidates who are not necessarily in the same country but can work with your in-house employees on a regular basis.

There are absolutely no geographical boundaries that may hinder you from onboarding the candidate due to their location.

Recruitment Expertise Across Industries

Being a leading recruitment agency, we have been operating in diverse lines of businesses.

Want To Hire Talent For Some Other Industry?

Our recruitment specialists are familiar with the challenges your business faces. ‘Let’s discuss to provide a tailor-made solution.

Six-Step Process To Find. Connect. Engage With Right Talent


Identifying Your Needs

Our recruitment consultants get in touch with your organization to gain insight into your exact requirements with regard to skills, expertise, salary, company culture & more.


Identifying Your Needs

Our recruitment consultants get in touch with your organization to gain insight into your exact requirements with regard to skills, expertise, salary, company culture & more.


Identifying Your Needs

Our recruitment consultants get in touch with your organization to gain insight into your exact requirements with regard to skills, expertise, salary, company culture & more.


Identifying Your Needs

Our recruitment consultants get in touch with your organization to gain insight into your exact requirements with regard to skills, expertise, salary, company culture & more.


Identifying Your Needs

Our recruitment consultants get in touch with your organization to gain insight into your exact requirements with regard to skills, expertise, salary, company culture & more.

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